Runnin’ in the hamster wheel…

This week has been a dizzying array of phone calls and emails and interviews and testing.  I feel like I’ve been in constant “run” mode.

It’s after midnight. I need to be up at 6AM for an early appointment tomorrow (later today, I guess is more accurate) and I just realized that I should write the thank-you letters for today’s interviews but I need to get to bed and I am afraid I would make mistakes that might end up tipping the scales out of my favor. I have some other business at the post office, though, so I am thinking I can do tomorrow morning’s appointment, come home, do the phone interview I have in the early afternoon, write the letters I need to write and prep the other things I need to take to the post office, run out to the post office, come home and MAYBE catch up on some of the things I am behind on (like, oh, the disaster area that is my kitchen), make sure I have myself together for Friday because I am cat sitting this weekend and was thinking that on Friday I will go to do the cat sitting relatively early and leave from the place I do the cat sitting to take care of the plans for the evening (Fridays have become errand night. Which I have no problem with, I just need to get some things done before then).

Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for the opportunity to interview for positions and get things moving forward in a positive direction with my career. I just don’t think anyone realizes that there is a whole PROCESS to interviewing, it’s not as simple as get dressed, go interview, come home.

I must plan and put together the right outfit.  I have to shower, do hair and makeup (and I am someone who usually just puts my hair in a ponytail and wears not a bit of makeup, so having to actually do something professional/creative/attractive with my hair and spend the time (which is why I don’t do it on the daily) to do my makeup probably takes me a lot longer than you would imagine).  I have to make sure I’ve researched the company, have directions written down, have copies of everything I need copies of and then it’s out the door to the interview.  I get to the interview spot early most of the time so I have time for “one last check” in the mirror in the restroom then I go and fill out any needed paperwork and do the interview. Afterwards, I have to write a thank-you letter and get it mailed.  Sometimes they send me tests I need to take, sometimes there is a whole online application process to get through but a 1PM appointment can take me from prepping at about 9:30AM to getting the thank-you letter in the mail at 3:30 or 4:00PM.  Then I have emails and calls to return and don’t forget I still need to be applying for jobs (and documenting everything I do for a potential Unemployment Audit).

Meanwhile, I have an apartment to take care of, I have writing to do (because writers WRITE), I have blogs I should be writing, I have social media to keep up with, I have a small business I’m trying to breathe some life back into, I have friendships to maintain and networking I need to do.

Which, again, I emphasize, I am not complaining about any of it. But I really, really just want to get back into the flow of having a job that has (basically) the same hours every day and having some sort of routine and not get calls asking me if I can be at a place that’s 45 minutes away in an hour (when I am not dressed for an interview, need to shower, do hair and makeup and get relevant paperwork together).

If you’ll pardon me, I’m exhausted and need to go to bed.  Goodnight!