Post Blogging Challenge Hangover

So… MsRasa and I were both burning the candle at both ends and did a MAJOR “crash-and-burn” with the challenge and blogging in general.  Crazy busy got Crazy busier!  And then I went out of town for nearly a month and let me tell you… “working vacations” are more trouble than they’re worth.  They’re totally necessary when you’re in a situation where if you don’t work, you don’t get paid – but trying to explain that while you’d really LIKE to be up at the crack of insanity to go do touristy things, your happy hiney needs to be working doesn’t go over so well with people you’re visiting. They have this notion that you should be spending time with them, not cranking out PowerPoint Presentations and invoices!  I sometimes wonder if I will ever get to take a “real” vacation again in my lifetime.  (Real vacation = NO WORK… no emails, no client calls, etc.)  I have a feeling that a real vacation, for an entrepreneur is as elusive as Bigfoot.

So, that’s where I’ve been. MsRasa has been busy on her life path, as well.  I’m hoping she’ll come back and write some more because I need all the help I can get.  And life doesn’t seem to be slowing down any. But I am determined to ROCK Q3 and Q4 and be in a POWER POSITION come 2016.

Back to the salt mines… I sense some nastygrams in my emailbox tomorrow morning if I don’t get some things cranked out!