The Invisible Visitors

So, a couple of posts ago I had mentioned that I was booking travel for some people. Or trying to book travel and meeting resistance to giving me adequate answers. Very frustrating. In any case, I understand that they did arrive (and there were no visitor badges for them which Euroboss was trying to say was because I didn’t do what I’m supposed to do but Facilities Dude came down and apologized for having dropped the ball). Fine. Whatever.

Anyhow, they’ve allegedly been here two days and I’ve not seen hide nor hair of them. At all. Which is fine with me. That probably means they don’t have anything to complain about as far as their accommodations (which I gave them a dozen recommendations for, they didn’t hear what they wanted to hear which was “go ahead and stay at the $200 a night Hilton” so they asked someone ELSE in my group where to stay.) Fine. Whatever.

I went out and got the Wedding Gift for the Dude at Work who is getting hitched. Pretty good haul, if you ask me.

I think I suck at Fantasy Football. But I’m not dead last. Yet.

That’s all I have for tonight! Sleep Well!

All roads lead to AAARRRGGGHHH!!

So, here we are… contemplating moving and needing to find jobs and running into one brick wall after another. Sure, they’d love to move forward with the hiring process, just come on down on Monday morning…. GAAAHHH!!! I’m still a 14 hour (one way) drive away from being able to do that. (Insert foul language here)!!

Want to rent a place to live? Sure, no problem, just fill out this application with the first friggin’ question on it being “where do you work and what’s your income?” GAAAAHH!! I don’t have a job there yet so I don’t have a job or income. And, of course, no one in their right mind will rent to someone with no job/income because rent relies on being able to pay.

Ok. So. Now what? We can’t get jobs THERE when we are HERE. We can’t get housing THERE without having jobs. And at the end of this month, neither of us will HAVE jobs and we have nowhere to live lined up and we are, in a word, screwed.

If ever an equation begged for (and then a miracle occurred) this is it.

Diva Princesses Don’t Impress Me…

So, a few months back we had a woman come and interview. And all of my male co-workers (which is all but one of the rest of the “team”) were falling all over themselves like horny teenagers because the lady has the “gigglejiggleteehee” going on like nobody’s business. I was a little intrigued that when you google her name the first thing that comes up is her Facebook page. (She has a rather unusual name and her picture is there so I know it’s her). Anyhoo, not surprisingly, they offered her a job (unbeknownst to me before they hired her was the fact that apparently “gigglejiggleteehee”is a highly sought skill in our field).

So, she started this week. And all I have heard out of her mouth is complaints. And all I can think is what a colossal pain in the posterior it is going to be to have to work with someone who has been around for less than a week and already looks at me like I am something nasty she stepped in.

I have really tried to be nice and welcoming and mentioned that if there is a specific type of soda she likes I can certainly try to get it into the rotation when I go shopping. (Hell, I bought rootbeer for the guy who has backhandedly said to my face twice now that he thinks I’m stupid). But I’ll be honest and say that the whole whiny diva thing gets old with me very quickly and I struggle to give a damn. Certainly, if there were legitimate issues that needed to be addressed, I would do so with haste. As I did for the gangly youngster who also just started and who very politely asked me what he needed to do to get his issues worked out (which I was able to take care of in just moments).

I should have known what to expect when she pulled the Princess calendar out of her bag and hung it up in her cube first thing. (No lie, she has a PRINCESS calendar) ::Sigh::

Another Open Letter

Dear Person for Whom I Have Been Tasked With Booking Travel For:

I have asked you the same very specific set of questions twice now. Without the information I have requested, I cannot book your travel. Every day closer to your arrival, airfare will go up. I’d think you’d want to step it up a bit, my friend. But, let’s imagine for a moment that you don’t give a rat’s ass about the budget. How about the fact that you’ll end up traveling on a red-eye? Does that make you want to step up the pace?

Seriously, it isn’t that difficult. What day do you want to travel? Sure, you’ve told me when you’re visiting but are the first and last days your travel days? I’m sorry I can’t intuit that for someone I’ve never met.

Which airport (of the 2-3 possibilities) do you want to fly out of? Which do you want to fly in to? Again, I’m sorry I can’t intuit that for someone I’ve never met.

Which hotel do you want to stay in? Do you get free booze & porn at the TwoShrubbery Hotel, which is where most of your compatriots want to stay even though it’s double the policy-approved room rate? Do they have a super cool “hookers and blow” package that I’m unaware of? (Corporate Code = 69-Eightball)

And hey, now you say you’re booking the flight on your own? Super. Thanks for waiting til 4:44 to tell me. Ah, yeah, I know you’re in California and don’t care that I want to go home.

Wait a minute… you got to California from your home office SOMEHOW, yet you’re trying to tell me you’ve never booked travel before? I was born at night buddy, but not LAST NIGHT!

If you’re smart, you will not leave your hotel booking to me… I will set you up at Motel 6 and make sure to write your room number on some bathroom walls in “that” part of town so you’re sure to get company whilst you visit.

Hate & Pinches,
Ms. Cleanslate